Tribute to Freddie Mercury & QUEEN

Rest in peace Gino...we all miss you.


With the look and sound of Freddie Mercury & Queen, Majesty will transport your audience back to a time when Rock N Roll was king!
 With full authentic costuming – from the white , flashy days of Tie Your Mother Down – to the black leather of Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Majesty will perform several costume changes during their performance.
Majesty will perform the many hits of Queen throughout the show, to include songs from the first album to the last.  Each song being re-created to a “T” with harmonies and note-for-note lead solos.
Hear all the hits, amazing harmonies, with authentic costuming, an incredible, high-energy, re-creation of Freddie mercury & Queen!
In reverent homage, Majesty takes you back to a time that can never happen again…